What is 3d Berridi?

3D Berridi is a project that combines aeromodelling and 3d printing. It all started when a friend from the Errenteria Albatros aeromodelling club told me about 3D printing. This technology got my full attention instantly due to it being directly related to my profession.

I signed up for a 3D printing course to see what it consisted of. The subject fascinated me and I decided to invest in a printer. Meanwhile, with the help of YouTube and with a lot of enthusiasm, I learned to use the “Freecad” software. Shortly afterwards I realized that it was not enough and I decided to try to use a more powerful program to fulfill my growing needs and potential.

All this learning over the years has not only led me to design my very own airplanes, but also be able to share them with the rest of the world. I prefer to build my “toys” and make them work as best as possible so that later on I can have more fun jejeje ….

The philosophy of 3D Berridi is to design fun planes, in which the printing and assembly does not require much time or effort. To do so, we incorporated the “Glue free” system, which is quite self-explanatory; as its name suggests, a modular assembly without the use of glue. Thanks to this system we can assemble and even more innovative yet, repair aircrafts really quickly and efficiently.

I encourage you to visit the “Aircraft” section and why not print your very own plane! You are in the driving seat now, or pilot’s seat should I say!

Welcome to the 3D Berridi universe! And always remember, create as many planes as you like!!.The size of your fleet is endless.

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