“Evolution 2.0”


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The Pylon Racer “Evolution” is designed to be built and assembled really quickly thanks to the modular assembly system without the use of glue “Glue Free System”. Its great possibilities and resistant construction will let you have
Plenty of fun on the flying field.

It is an aircraft with exceptional flight characteristics, fast construction, easy transportation, and low cost electronics.

Forget about hundreds of hours of printing and weeks of assembly, the Evolution will be printed in a maximum of 40 hours and mounted in just one hour !!!.


What does the Evolution 2.0 file include?

stl files
printing instructions
general recommendations
assembly video.
Gcodes for 1.75 mm filament for direct extrusion
Lamination profiles for Simplify3d and Cura14.07



Wingspan: 1000mm
length: 750mm
Weight: 1050gr in flight
Wing profile: Naca 2408


Assembly material

700gr. of pla
2 carbon rods with an outer diameter of 6 mm and 1000 mm in length.
1 carbon rod with an outer diameter of 12 mm, an inner diameter of 10 mm and 355 mm in length.
4 micro servos of 9 grams and 12 mm x 23 mm
Pop Drive 2836 2700kv motor.
50a esc.