3D Acrobatic Glue Free Entry Level


Now it is much easier to get carbon tubes for the fuselage. You can choose between these options:

-round tube diameter 12x10x1000mm

-round tube diameter 14x12x1000mm

-square tube 15x15x1000mm

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Imagine yourself enjoying an ultra-resistant acrobatic aircraft which can be assembled and repaired easily without the use of glue, thanks to the revolutionary “Glue free system”. This aircraft has a symmetrical wing profile RAF 30 which is perfect for acrobatic and also slow flights. It is really resistant, more than the usual  3d printed rc planes in the market.Forget about hundreds of hours of printing and weeks of assembly to go to your flying field and break your plane on the first flight. This plane is printed in 40 hours and assembled in only 2 hours. You no longer have the problem of lacking time. In addition, in the case of collision you only have to print the damaged pieces. It is totally revolutionary!!!




What does it include?

  • Stl files
  • Printing instructions
  • General recommendations
  • Assembly video
  • Gcodes for 1.75 mm filament for direct extrusion
  • Profiles for Simplify3d and Cura 14.07


You will need the following material:

  • Now it is much easier to get carbon tubes for the fuselage!!!. You can choose between these options:-round tube diameter 12x10x1000mm-round tube diameter 14x12x1000mm-square tube 15x15x1000mm
  • for the wing 1 carbon rod with an outer diameter of 12 mm, an inner diameter of 10 mm and 1000 mm in length.
  • 4 micro servos of 9 grams and 12 mm x 23 mm with metal gear with a possible torque of  at least 2,5 kg.
  • Carbon landing gear 12ox320x135
  • Wheels with a diameter of 90mm. If you are going to use it on smooth surfaces it can be of a smaller diameter.
  • Small landing gear
  • About 15 bolts M3x15 with corresponding nuts
  • About 15 lag bolts with a diameter of 2.5 mm x 20 mm.
  • 16x16x28 nylon hinges.
  • 6 servo extension cables 375mm in length.


Powerful configuration:

I recommend the “Turnigy D3548/4 1100 kv” engine with a 3000mAh 3s 11×5 (Turnigy Nanotech 25c-50c) battery or 2700mAh 4s 10×5 (Turnigy Nanotech 25-50c) and 50 a variator.

ECO configuration:

We recommend the “Turnigy 30108 1300 kv 420W” engine with 3000mAh 3s 10X5- 11×5 (Turnigy Nanotech 25c-50c) battery and 50 a ESC.




Landing gear

Small landing gear


Carbon round tube 12x10x1000mm AliExpress

Carbon square tube 15x15x1000mm Aliexpress

Carbon square tube 15x15x1000mm Aliexpress







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